Lucidfoot Productions LLC, was founded in April of 2013. We believe in one common element to public events and gatherings, our footprints left behind. Setting the initial footprint, every Lucidfoot event is focused on keeping the environment clean, helping each other and the community, and allowing your creativity to shine!


Lucidfoot Productions takes pride in working with other companies that care for the moral welfare of the local community and their common inspirations. We promote nationwide, bringing people together to show them the better parts of our beautiful country. Furthermore, our events focus on bringing awareness to our surroundings and being responsible for our footprints. By choosing to work with environmentally conscious vendors, and educating our guests about the impact on the land we occupy, we ensure every space we inhabit is left as it was when we arrived.


Our goal is to bring awareness to our surroundings while bringing people together to celebrate our music, arts, community, history, and most importantly our land. Lucidfoot upholds a strong message to open your mind, be inspired, and to bring out your creative being, all while harvesting a positive atmosphere.

Creative Being Music and Arts Festival

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